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I love trying out new techniques! I’ve seen a few videos on instagram using gel polish and acrylic powder to make a thick paste for 3D designs. I finally had some time today to try it out and it is so much fun, I’m thinking a tutorial is in order?

For the design part I used nail polish, but to make the 3D turquoise stone I used turquoise gel polish and white acrylic powder mixed together. Using acrylic alone for 3D nail art is great but you’re limited on time before it dries. And using a thick gel for 3D nail art works but then you’re limited on color choices.

So, for this technique you can use any color gel polish to create any color option! I had to mix a couple gel polish shades to get a match to the turquoise nail polish I used. And it won’t dry/harden until you cure it in a UV/LED lamp.

What do you guys think?



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