EASY Reptile Tutorial

Easy Reptile Nail Art www.chelseaqueen.com

Today while playing around with some new techniques and color combinations, I discovered this totally looks like reptile scales – and it’s so easy too! I’ve seen this technique done with gel before, and depending on what colors you use it can completely change the look (blue and white look like waves, for example).

The trick to this design is you have to be quick! With gel, it won’t dry until you stick it in the lamp to cure it. But even waiting 10 seconds with nail polish is too long.

First, paint your base coat and one coat of color on all your nails. Next (going one nail at a time), paint the second coat of color and immediately use another shade to drop a small amount onto the nail. To give it the “reptile” effect, paint the dots in lines vertically down the nail. Make sure you give them enough time to dry as the polish will be on thicker than normal.

I’ve even made a tutorial!



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