Monochrome Cut Outs

Monochrome Cut Out

An easy way to make your nails look instantly cohesive is to go with a multi chromatic color scheme. What that means is you choose a few different shades of the same color (in this case, multiple shades of blue). For this particular design I chose two colors, one is a deeper blue and the other is metallic and slightly lighter. It just makes the nails look more interesting!

I originally was going to paint blue french tips and I just was lazy…I think that’s how a lot of my nail art starts – ha! I didn’t want to bother precisely painting the french tip so I painted a straight line instead to cover the free edge. I could still see the sides of the nail that were white, so I just grabbed another color and painted down the sides of my nails to cover it up! To get the lines perfectly straight, I went back in with a clean up brush dipped in remover to fix any mistakes.

What do you guys think of the negative space look?



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