Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Today, Pantone announced their pick for the 2018 color of the year – Ultra Violet! By now I’m sure you’ve seen it all over social media but I just had to do some nails inspired by the color. You can read more about their color choice here, but ultimately its inspired by what lies ahead, the future, mystery, etc…so their imagery has this futuristic galaxy design. Obviously, it was an easy choice for my nails today!

Galaxy nails have been around for years (like I remember doing this 6 years ago when I started), so I was excited to try this different monochromatic take on it! Typically, galaxy nails have a black background but for these I switched it up and used China Glaze Mix and Mingle. Then, I sponged on varying shades of the same color and finished it up with some white dots for stars, and a glitter topper.

If you’re looking for some Ultra Violet shades…here are some I’d recommend:

Butter London even has a whole collection of the Pantone shade!

As you can see, its definitely a unique color and not the most common nail polish shade. What do you think of Pantone’s color choice this year?


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1 thought on “Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018”

  • Love these! The color is super pretty and the manicure simple yet stunning. I wasn’t a fan of the pantone color choice for 2018 but it’s starting to grow on me. Maybe I will end up doing a nail design inspired by it after all!

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