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Nail charms have been so popular lately! Not only are they great for intense nail art, but they work perfectly for those wanting something fun and just don’t have much experience with nails.ย I received some gorgeous charms from Daily Charme and couldn’t wait to get them on my nails! They sell tons of different charms, so much fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Nail Polish: Julep Kristen
Alice’s Tiara nail charm
Gold Pyramid Nail charm

Read below for more pictures and how I like to apply nail charms…

A common question regarding charms is “how do I get them to stay on my nails?”. There are a few different ways you can adhere them, depending on how long you want them to stay on.

For 1 day of wear:ย Top coat! This is how I put on the charms for this particular design. I wanted to wear them on a night out, but knew I’d be changing my nails soon. After painting on the polish, I applied my top coat and used tweezers to place the charms. You’ll want to do this quickly before the top coat dries, so I recommend 1 nail at a time. This way is the best way to be able to reuse them. Once I took them off, I used a brush dipped in polish remover to clean them off and use them again!

Daily Chame: Alice's Tiara www.chelseaqueen.comDaily Charme: Alice’s Tiara

For 2-7 days of wear:ย Nail glue! You can find this at many nail supply stores (I’ve even used super glue when I was desperate!). MK Beauty Club sells my favorite which you can find here. I’ve tried tons of different brands, but this works the best. It has a brush, which makes it super easy to apply. To use…paint top coat and let dry for a few minutes. Apply nail glue to charm andย nail, place with tweezers, hold for a few seconds, and done! Depending on the quality of nail glue you use, they can stay on for a week (or more).

Daily Charme: Gold Pyramid www.chelseaqueen.comDaily Charme: Gold Pyramidย 

For 1 week and on:ย Gel or acrylic! This option is typically used by professionals. Gel is cured by a UV/LED lamp and is used to reinforce the stones. For this method, I usually combine nail glue and gel for the most staying power. You can apply a gel top coat, and while its still wet place the charm and cure. Then go in and apply a second layer of gel top coat around the charm (sometimes covering it) and it can last until you take it off.

Have you ever used nail charms? Let me know in the comments!

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  • katherinez September 10, 2014 03.01 am

    i like your nail charms,can you send me more infomation?

  • Toy October 20, 2014 05.29 pm

    Can you use gel without curing it under a uv lamp to secure gems?

    • admin October 21, 2014 09.52 am

      With gel it has to be cured for the gems to be secured ๐Ÿ™‚


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