Dr. Martens Floral Inspired

So I’ve been obsessing over these Dr. Martens floral shoes for quite some time now. It never occurred to me to do some nails inspired by them until tonight! I love love love floral prints on nails and I really wanted to go for a more realistic print this time around. I must say…this was a bit time consuming, there’s really no trick to this other than hand painting this design! Here’s the shoes these nails were inspired by:

Oh boy…I used quite a bit of colors in this! I needed to make a “What I Used” image regardless so this image is a bit crowded 🙂

I used Essie Licorice as my base, and really just went on from there using each of these colors.
PS: NCLA Like…Totally Valley Girl is the most perfect and prettiest light pink ever.

One more close up shot:

If you have any questions regarding how I did this feel free to email me – I’d be happy to help!


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