Target Bathing Suit Inspired

Last week I went to Target in search of some nailspiration! I came across this bathing suit and had to have this design on my nails. I love chevron patterns so I thought this would be a different take on it! (I think its called jonqal?)

What I Used:
NCLA Pick Me Up At Melrose Place
NCLA I’m With the Band
-Essie Butler Please
-Essie Where’s My Chauffeur?
-Black and White acrylic paint

Target Bathing SuitI’d love to do a tutorial for this when I find time…so stay tuned!


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  • Zara May 15, 2013 05.39 am

    This looks so cool! I can’t wait to see the tutorial.

  • Michelle May 15, 2013 09.56 pm

    Love the art! great inspiration with the bathing suit.

  • Ashes May 28, 2013 04.30 pm

    I NEED to know how you did this cause I tried the other day and I failed horribly. Lol. So I can’t wait for your tutorial sweets!

  • Ashes May 28, 2013 04.43 pm

    Ok, ok, Nevermind. I just saw the black and white pictorial. I got it now! Lol


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