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If I had to pick the next “it” print for Spring/Summer I would have to say its this tropical print. Although seen on Hawaiian shirts for ages, its been a hit on the runway as of late!

When originally searching for my inspiration I came across the wallpaper pattern at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I LOVE the colors, but wanted to spice it up a bit. I searched around Pinterest and ultimately compiled this pattern from a few images.

There really is no “easy” way to do this (I spent a good 2+ hours on it). It takes a lot of layering color to get the realistic effect on the leaves…I used 6 different shades of green! The background color used for this is China GlazeΒ Spring in My Step.

PS: I wish these nails were taken by the pool but its just scrapbook paper :'(

Have you skipped Spring and headed straight to Summer nails?


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  • heavynailpolishlover April 13, 2014 08.27 am

    OMG! This is totally gorgeous!! :O I love it!

  • Elina April 14, 2014 02.40 pm

    Nooo, I’m so in spring nails! Pastels, pastels and again pastels. πŸ˜€
    But your nails look great!

  • Anhy April 16, 2014 04.27 pm

    OMG these are puuuurfect *__* Totally love them<3


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