Valentino Bootie Inspired

Valentino Bootie Inspired Nail Art


I stumbled upon these Valentino booties while on Instagram a few days ago and the floral pattern was a design I thought would look great on nails! Translating fashion to nail art and floral designs are two of my favorite things to do on my nails so I was excited for the challenge.

Valentino Bootie


So since I probably would never spend $1500 on shoes, painting them onto my nails is the next best thing. I started out by painting two coats of black nail polish – OPI Black Onyx

The embroidery details were done with a nail art brush. It may look a bit daunting at first because there are so many flowers and designs going on, so I like to pick a small section for each nail and copy it exactly. Once you get a feel for how the design is you can just make up the flowers as you go!





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