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Gold Flowers

Today’s nail art is inspired by this design by El Salonsito! I loved how she did the flowers over a clear nail with the bling, so I wanted it on myself! This gold NCLA shade …


After spending last week in Hawaii (Oahu, specifically), I wanted to do a little homage to my trip! I had a fantastic time and I can’t get over how beautiful it was there. I did …


So…I absolutely love floral nails and it has been a while since I’ve done some! My Mom recently got this iPhone case and I’ve been eyeing it as nail inspiration. These are hand painted with …

I <3 Florals

So…can you tell I love florals? 🙂 This design is very similar to my Doc Marten Florals but I wanted to “spring-ify” it! What I Used: NCLA Tennis Anyone? NCLA As If! NCLA Like…Totally Valley Girl A few …

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