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Happy Saturday! I was feeling up for some glitter placement nail art (which I always regret about 30 minutes in…) but I’m so happy with how these turned out. I didn’t plan for them to look like a disco ball but that’s what I immediately thought of once I was done.

I started off with a base coat and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Normally I don’t let the base coat dry too much but for these you’ll be placing the glitter and if its still wet they’re harder to move around!

Before you start get all your materials ready so it’ll go by quicker. Glitter placement tends to get a bit tedious so definitely try to make the process as easy as possible. I laid out the glitter flat on the table so I could individually pick them up, and cut some glitters into smaller pieces with cuticle nippers to place on the sides. Then I dropped a blob of clear coat on a piece of foil to use to pick up the glitters with a dotting tool.

Normally I individually dip the glitters in the top coat but today I painted stripes of clear on my nails and quickly laid down a row of glitter on it. I started laying down as many full sized pieces as I could and then filled in the smaller spaces with the cut up glitters.

Apply a couple coats of top coat to seal them in and you’re done! Once they’re completely dry run a file along the tips so the edges don’t catch on anything.



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