Gradients With A Twist


It feels like its been forever since I’ve done a gradient design. I couldn’t just leave this one simple!

I first applied base coat to all of my nails and let it dry for around 10 minutes. Normally I’d say just skip this step, but greens tend to stain your nails! While its drying precut your striping tape.

I applied the tape to my nails and sponged on the gradient one nail at a time.Β There are tons of different options for getting a gradient (which you can google and 123412354 different tutorials pop up) but I used a makeup sponge.

I painted 3 stripes of OPI Christmas Gone Paid, OPI You Don’t Know Jacques, and Essie The More the Merrier and immediately pressed the sponge onto my nail. I removed the tape after 30 seconds, doing this too soon may cause your lines to bleed but waiting to long will lift up more color. Gradients make a mess so quickly get your brush and remover to clean up around the cuticles! Having dry cuticles makes this step really difficult so be sure to moisturize beforehand.

Lastly add your favorite top coat and then you’re done!



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