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Happy Monday! Today I have a design inspired by Lamai McCarten, which I had saved on my Pinterest recently and instantly was inspired. This color palette is one of my favorites…I’m always drawn to turquoise.


What I Used:

  • CND Cream Puff
  • OPI Embrace the Grey
  • OPI Taylor Blue
  • Salon Perfect Mer-Made of Money
  • OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops
  • Everglaze by China Glaze Back to Black





I started off with two coats of Cream Puff, and once that dried I began layering on all the colors. This design may look complicated but is actually very simple! Using a lot of colors and layering them makes an easy design look much more complex. I used the polish brushes out of the bottle to paint rectangles and squares (which don’t need to be perfect). Wipe off most of the polish in the bottle so you don’t end up with big blobs of color!

For the details in Back to Black I used a nail art brush. For these I painted small stripes, polka dots, and half circles.

After it dried for a couple minutes I topped it off with my favorite top coat lately: Caption by Young Nails.



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