Agate Inspired


Floss Gloss LAVISH is here! Floss Gloss was so amazing to send me a bottle of this gorgeous lavender shade, and I just had to pair it with some of their other colors.

I’ve had a few pictures of agate saved for some nail art inspiration but I always thought it would be too difficult to execute. Once I started these I realized – the messier the better. The lines can’t be perfect or else it would just look like swirly lines, and I even used a bit of polish remover to blur the lines.


I started with 2 coats of Lavish, and used Lean and Perf to begin the pattern. I blobbed some color down on my foil and used a flat brush dipped in acetone to paint blurry lines on all my nails. After I went in after with a fine nail art brush to add dimension. Next I used Black Holy and Mrs. Tony Montana, black and white, to add in some more detail the same way. On some of the layers I tried to make them like small gradients blending into the next color.

After all these steps I expected to be done, but they needed some glitter. I used Honey, a copper glitter, in some of the layers as well as 1080 Pearl for some extra sparkle. Phew! That was 7 colors!

Also, if you have a top coat that smears your nail art, this is the time to use it! You really want the layers to blend together.




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