Checkered Tribal

Checkered Tribal Nails

So excited about these nails! Sometimes before doing a design, I’ll doodle something in a little notebook if I’m feeling uninspired. The original idea I had is the one on my middle finger, and then I just went from there! I love doing tribal designs because of all the lines and colors, and I added in black and white checkers to switch it up.

Recently at Nordstrom Rack I came across a bunch of Butter London colors for ~$7 (what a deal right?!) versus their normal price of $15. I picked up Cuppa, but I’m wishing I grabbed some more!

I painted the checker pattern with black and white acrylic paint. I prefer using acrylic paints for black and white because I use them so often, so it saves some money!

I added in the rest of the designs using Sally Hansen Rosy Outlook, Essie Lapis of Luxury, and Orly Jealous, Much?.



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  • Miss Chinchilly January 11, 2014 03.53 am

    Very original! Beautiful!!

  • Diana January 15, 2014 01.25 am

    i like the shape of your nails, and the design too!!!!

  • Fingers January 21, 2014 10.25 am

    WOW these are amazing!

  • Rhea January 25, 2014 09.44 am

    You are so talented!

    • admin January 27, 2014 01.26 pm

      Thank you!

  • Jessi January 25, 2014 09.46 am

    Love your blog!!!!!! What nail art brushes do you recommend? There are so many cheap ones on Amazon, but reviews are mixed. Thanks!!!!

  • Emily January 27, 2014 05.29 am

    They look gorgeous! Love them!

  • Rei February 08, 2014 06.34 pm

    Wow! Your designs are always soo creative and gorgeous!

  • Lady February 09, 2014 08.42 am

    Hi, it’s gorgeous I love your nails!

  • Nail Polish Society March 25, 2014 12.10 pm

    This is insanely beautiful! Love love it!


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