Chevron Ombré

Ombré Chevron Nail Art

China Glaze sent me some gorgeous colors from their new line “Ever Glaze”, and 4 of their pink shades looked amazing together for an ombré manicure!

Before I go into depth I wanted to clarify gradient vs. ombre. These two terms are used interchangeably but (at least in the nail community) they are actually different! A gradient is when there is a fade on one nail using multiple colors, typically done using a makeup sponge. Ombre nails are where each nail is a different shade of the same color, or in this case each chevron is a different shade of pink! They don’t fade into each other, so I would say these are ombré!

Now that I’ve clarified the difference, onto the nails!…

China Glaze Ever Glaze

Ever Glaze is China Glaze‘s newest collection of long wear polishes. They are basically a gel/lacquer hybrid, with similar benefits of gel (long lasting, quick drying) but in polish form!

What I really loved about Ever Glaze was the base+top combo. The first step to using this is “Prep” and was basically an alcohol primer. It is used to make sure no oil is left on the nail, and dries immediately. The colors themselves are great quality! I’ve only tried these 4 shades of pink, but each was very opaque and great for doing nail art. I painted each chevron with a nail art brush, leaving a negative space in between.

China Glaze Ever Glaze

Now…for the really really amazing part! I was SO impressed by their top coat. Like…Seche Vite impressed! It didn’t smear the nail art at all and dried so quickly. If you are looking for a Seche Vite alternative I would really recommend this one! I will be using it all the time.



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  • Mrs B May 12, 2015 01.15 pm

    Hi, this is such a gorgeous design. I love the colors and would really like to know the names of the 4 pink shades.

  • SamanthaBeauty May 18, 2015 10.28 am

    I like your nail design and I also like the colors that you used!


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