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While searching through some inspiration I decided I really wanted to do a Fair Isle print mani! I absolutely love this color combination with the design 🙂

I started off with 2 coats of Essie Blanc (white) and let that dry for a couple minutes. For the design, I used all Essie colors – Head Mistress (red), Go Overboard (dark turquoise), and Naughty Nautical (light turquoise) and painted the design with a tiny brush from Michael’s Craft Store!chelseaSigFair Isle Print Nails www.chelseaqueen.com


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  • Anastasia December 18, 2014 12.36 am

    Very pretty!

  • Anja December 20, 2014 09.17 am

    I absolutely love that this is hand-painted. Most “Fair Isle” nail art is stamped (don’t get me wrong, I love stamping) but I love this. Probably because I couldn’t do it, myself! Ha ha! Beautiful job!

  • UnitedinBeauty December 21, 2014 05.43 pm

    I really love these, you have such a talent for handpainting! What brush do you use to be able to get such crisp detail? I asked around on Twitter last night but didn’t get much feedback, I’m in the market for a few new nail art brushes, the tinier the better!


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