Fifty Shades of Grey-dient

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! For today’s nails, I did a gradient background with a damask print over it, all using OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey collection!

I started off painting two coats of this lighter grey polish – Embrace the GreyGrey is one of my favorite polish colors so I was very excited about this collection! After letting my base color dry, I used a makeup sponge and sponged on the gradient with Dark Side of the Mood. There’s many methods of doing a gradient, but I prefer to paint the polish on the sponge and apply it to my nail. Sponge 1 coat halfway up the nail, and with each coat go towards the bottom to make it darker and more opaque.

For the damask print, I painted a similar design to one I painted a couple years ago. Its crazy to see the improvement! I used Romantically InvolvedI Fifty Shades of Grey-dient Nail Art www.chelseaqueen.comwas initially nervous about using red to paint this nail art because for me, red is always the most difficult color to paint with. Its usually pretty sheer and won’t show up over dark colors…but this one worked out perfectly! It was very opaque and creamy so it was easy to use 🙂

Once it dries for a couple minutes, add top coat! Adding top coat over a gradient is a MUST, for some reason it just smooths everything out and makes your gradient super gradient-y 🙂


*Polishes in post provided by PR for review.



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  • E-S January 11, 2015 01.24 pm

    They look so good!! I love the gradient and also how you’ve named the topic. 😉

  • sociallyshoppable January 13, 2015 11.52 am

    Wow! Your nails are everything!!

  • Gallery: libri sulle unghie e book nail art
    25 March, 2015 - 1:47 am

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