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One of my major goals for my personal nail art is to always try and reinvent the basics. I think the french + half moon has become a classic, but at times you just see it everywhere! It definitely is a favorite of mine but I really try to be original and think outside the box. I think for these, adding in the simple cut out near the base revamps this classic!

I began this design with a base coat, and using the polish brush I painted half my nail with Azature Lapis Diamond.Β I tried to make the line as straight as I could, but I also used a clean up brush to fix any mistakes. You can also use a nail art brush to draw the straight line and then fill in the rest.

While I let that dry pretty well, I added in the half moon with Azature Jade Diamond.Β For this I used a nail art brush!

For the final touch, I painted on a french tip with Azature Faint White Diamond. If I made any mistakes, I went back in with Lapis Diamond to smooth it out! πŸ™‚ Add your top coat and you’re finished.

In what ways have you reinvented some nail art classics?


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  • Catherine August 10, 2014 08.38 am

    Whoa 25 bucks each for those polishes? :O they must be crazy!

    • Ashley Clevenger August 16, 2014 04.05 pm

      @Catherine. ..right.


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