Half Moons & Stripes

Happy Wednesday everyone! I came home late from school last night and desperately needed to do something on my nails. I’m loving the half moon trend right now – super easy to do yet so cute! Read more to see what colors and brushes I used:

What I Used:
Essie Blanc
NCLA Eight Days a Week
Julep Matte Top Coat

To paint the half moons and stripes, I used a nail art brush as shown below (the red one), click on the picture to see it on amazon.com

There are TONS of different sizes for nail art brushes! I’ve tried the longer ones (like the green or blue) but I’ve found that the smaller size is much easier. Any smaller than that though and it doesn’t work as well. What I do is put a little dab of nail polish on a piece of foil (it keeps it from drying out) and dip the brush it in and start painting!

After applying the half moons, I painted over all of my nails with Seche Vite Top Coat, then with the matte top coat I painted over the half moons the same way (its hard to tell from the picture that they’re matte).


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