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Happy Thursday everyone! Remember a couple days ago when I posted about that awesome Stud Nail Art Kit I collaborated together with Nasty Nails? Well today a second one has been released: Leopard print! Leopard nail art is perfect for someone just starting to get into handpainted nail art. With some practice its really easy!

This kit contains 2 colors, a nail art pen, and top coat. Essie Where’s My Chauffer? is from their newest collection and it is one of the prettiest turquoise/aqua colors ever. The second color is Essie Chinchilly, a gray polish. Nail art pens can really be used for anything, not just leopard print! With this kit not only can you do leopard, but you can use the pen for polka dots, flowers, anything really! And my favorite top coat – Seche Vite – is also included.

Be sure to check it out here, and remember to use the promo code GETNAILED for 15% off!

If you still aren’t sure how to do leopard print just from looking at the picture, I’ve made a tutorial to teach you how using this kit:





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  • Jenna Froggy December 07, 2012 12.35 am

    Oh this is a cute little kit! I love the colors!

  • Crystal March 15, 2013 12.16 pm

    Hey love the design. one question where can I get the black pen??? I look for it everywhere but I cannot seems to find it

    • admin March 19, 2013 09.46 pm

      Try! πŸ™‚


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