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Happy Monday! Today I have an ombré dotted nail design for you all. When writing this post I had to think for a minute about the differences between ombré and gradient. After some googling (and tons of mixed definitions) I think I have an answer! Ombré is monochromatic – meaning the colors you use are all in the same family (like blue), whereas gradient is more of a fade from two different colors. Also, I saw people describe ombré as painting a separate shade on each finger and gradient having the faded colors on each nail. Anyways, my brain hurts from trying to distinguish the difference so I’m calling these ombré!

I started off with two coats of Floss Gloss Mrs. Tony Montana – a bright white. To start the dotted ombre I painted a half moon shape near the base of my nail with Everglaze Current Crush. It took a bit of perfecting to get it just right, so I recommend using the white polish to clean up the edges to get as perfect a circle as you can.

For the next dot I used Zoya Ling. I didn’t have a dotting tool big enough for this design so I painted a “+” sign, and connected the lines with a rounded edge and then filled it in. The smaller dots I was able to use my dotting tool with China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond and a light blue shade from Azature. I didn’t have a blue light enough for the last dot so I mixed Azature with white to get the perfect color.



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