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I’ve had the idea of doing opal nail art for a while now, so I finally got around to it today! The nails themselves are super simple to do – it’s just all in how you layer the polishes.


I started off with one coat of white polish with a second coat of a light silver shimmer (Floss Gloss 1080Pearl). I chose only 1 coat of the silver because I didn’t want it too sparkly.

Once that dried for a couple minutes, I used blue, green, yellow, and pink to do a watercolor technique. To do this, you dilute the polish with a bit of polish remover and dab it onto the nail with a flat brush. This does not need to be beautiful…you’re going to cover it up with tons of glitter anyways!

I used 4 different flakies and shimmers to get this iridescent look. When you look at opals they have little facets of orange or blue that reflect! I began with Nubar 2010 G188 which is an orange flakie polish. Next I used China Glaze Luxe and Lush which has some chunkier flakie pieces to give the nails some texture! The third polish was Caption Iced Out and Kickin It, and the last was Caption Keep Cool Under Pressure which is a blue-purple shimmer. To keep the nails from getting thick (this would be 9 coats including base and top coat!) I lightly brushed on each of the glitters to keep them thin and did not cover the nail completely with each coat.

Add your top coat and then that’s it! I love how the nails change depending on which angle you look at them at. So fun!



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