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I love finding unexpected things to put on my nails! The other day I was at a store called Daiso, its a 100 yen shop from Japan with some locations in California. (Almost) everything is $1.50. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people use “Hoop Tape” on their nails, it is this holographic tape used for hula hoops and it looks awesome on nails! I’ve been meaning to order some to try out, but when I saw this origami paper I thought it looked pretty similar (and cheaper!).

Floss Gloss 1080Pearl




The origami paper has 10 papers per pack. They have a pearl, translucent finish and come in a variety of colors.

I wanted a neutral base color so the colors could really pop! Regular white is definitely too boring for these so I went with Floss Gloss 1080PearlSuch a cool color. I love when polishes are versatile – 2 coats on its own as I have here or layer 1 coat over another color. I think the satin shimmer really compliments the pearl finish of the origami paper.

Origami Paper

Before starting the nails, I cut out tiny triangles with scissors. You want to apply these while the polish is still slightly tacky so having everything ready before hand makes it much easier. After painting the first coat of 1080Pearl, I painted one nail at a time. I let the second coat dry for a minute and pressed the triangles on with my finger.

Make sure to press them down well or else the corners will lift up! I did 2 coats of top coat to make sure everything was smooth.




*Polish received for review




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  • Anastasia June 10, 2015 12.04 am

    Beautiful manicure!

  • SamanthaBeauty June 21, 2015 09.26 am

    Such a beautiful nail design! And the idea is so unique. Good job 🙂


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