Psychedelic Nails

Psychedelic Nails

Yesterday I got my order from Floss Gloss in the mail…and holy @#%$! I immediately had to do my nails 🙂 The colors are so bright and vibrant and I wanted to do something “psychedelic”.

Psychedelic Nails - What I Used

To do this design I just hand painted on the swirls with a nail art brush. Unfortunately there aren’t any easy ways to do this, you just need a steady hand and some practice 🙂

After painting the swirls with Con Limon, Bikini Coral, and Perf I added in some accents with Stun. How amazing are these colors?! Con Limon is a bright lime green, reminds me of a highlighter. I was shocked at how bright it was on my nails! Typically with neon colors you need to paint a white base under for it to be bright…NOPE! These colors were bright on their own…definitely a huge plus.

So excited about these polishes! Not only are these colors crazy gorgeous but the bottles look really cool. Be sure to check out Floss Gloss here.

Psychedelic Nails

Have a great weekend xoxo


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  • Josephine February 23, 2013 08.02 pm

    Beautiful polishes, Stun looks amazing!


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