Road Trip

Road Trip Nail Art

Woo! Been a busy couple of weeks over here. I just finished finals for school and now it is officially spring break! I go on a road trip every year, so I wanted to do some road trip nails.

I started my nails with a very subtle gradient. I wanted these nails to look semi-realistic, and the sky usually goes from a lighter to darker blue. I next painted on clouds using a brush dipped in white polish, and dabbed a bit of acetone on them with a brush once I painted them to pick up some of the excess color which instantly made them look like real clouds.

As for the rest of the nails, I just (painstakingly) painted all the details. For the mountains in the background, they really reminded me of Bob Ross paintings! I lightly dry brushed a dark gray, and then dry brushed white over it. Using a flat nail art brush with the tiniest bit of polish on it adds more texture and really makes the mountains look more realistic!

I’ll be sharing some more pictures of my road trip nails on my social media throughout my trip! I’ll be heading to the Colorado and Utah areas to a few national parks, can’t wait!



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  • nail crazy March 21, 2015 05.49 am

    what an awesome nail art <3

    • Jennifer Lambert May 11, 2015 06.29 pm

      Your Nail art is true art. I always check out your site for your latest nail art
      Jen Lambert

  • Miss Ruby Nails April 30, 2015 05.52 pm

    Wow. That’s amazing. You are very talented!!


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