Watercolor & Glitter

Hello everyone! This past week has been so hectic and today I finally had time to sit down and try to come up with something different. I used a watercolor technique (which I will explain down below!) and also the glitter placement technique (video below). Read on!

What I Used:
-OPI Skull & Glossbones
-OPI Fly
-OPI Miami Beet
-OPI A Grape Fit!
-Nubar Silver Spark
-Seche Vite Top Coat

For the watercolor design on my nails what you do is:
1) Paint your base color (here I used Skull & Glossbones)
2) Get one nail polish color and paint a few dots – do one nail at a time!
3) Dip a paintbrush in nail polish remover, dab it a bit on a paper towel so its not too wet.
4) Dab it over the dots you made…the remover will water down the polish and produce a watercolor effect!
5) Repeat with other colors.

Hopefully I’ll make a tutorial soon on how to do that so you guys can actually see how its done!

As for the glitter on my nails, watch this tutorial to see how to do it:

Have a wonderful weekend!


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