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Gradients are pretty difficult to master, but I found an easy way to get gradients! I was playing with CND Additives and realized that with polish, a brush, and pigment you can get a perfect gradient.

I started with painting one coat of polish on each of my nails. For the second coat you will want to wait for each nail as they need to be wet when applying the pigment. Dip any brush into the pigment (CND Pigment Effect in Midnight Tide) and place a bit of pigment nearΒ the cuticle on the wet polish, use more if you want a more intense gradient! It took me a couple of tries to get the amount right (and try to use the same amount on each nail so they’re uniform!). Quickly blow downwards onto the nail and the pigment will give you the perfect fade. If you missed a spot, dip a little more pigment onto the spot and do it again.

At first I was worried that the pigment would get onto my topcoat brush and mess it up but I didn’t have any problems with that!

Don’t have pigments? Use glitter or try it with eyeshadow! If you have an old eyeshadow you don’t want anymore, crush it up and try it with that πŸ™‚




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