Smoke on the Nail

Floss Gloss Smoke on the Nail

Floss Gloss sent me this awesome new color, Smoke on the Nail, and what better way to do some nail art with it than get inspired by the polish name?Β Smoke on the Nail is a deep plum (inspired by Deep Purple)! I really love Floss Gloss because their colors areΒ soΒ unique and are always different from anything else I own…not to mention the super cool looking bottles.

For the smoke, it took a little bit of experimenting for me to get it just right. I began using a watercolor technique with white nail polish but I couldn’t get it exactly how I wanted. I switched to acrylic paint which made a huge difference!

  1. After letting your base color dry, fill a small dish with water. You will also need 2 flat nail art brushes – one to paint on the white and another brush to dry up the water
  2. Put a little bit of acrylic paint on a piece of foil
  3. Dip a brush in the water and water down the acrylic
  4. Lightly paint blobs on your nail…the water-ier the better!
  5. Immediately get the other (dry) brush and pat it on the nail to pick up the excess water. This will leave that smoky “ring” around the blobs you made, looking like smoke!
  6. Repeat this technique as needed to layer the color. I recommend doing this one nail at a time.

Another trick to make it more “smoky” is immediately put top coat on the nail before it dries completely…it will slightly smear the acrylic paint.



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