Striping Tape Tips

Striping Tape

Ugh striping tape! It is so amazing but I tend to avoid it at all costs. It doesn’t last too long (usually starts peeling up the next day) and is difficult to apply. But for those who hate the precision of hand painting lines, striping tape is amazing, and its super cheap! Here’s some tips to help!…

  1. Leave a tiny gap on each end of the tape. If you cut it a little shorter than the edge of your nail, once you put top coat on it will seal it in.
  2. Use gel. Striping tape lasts SO much longer with gel polish if you have it available to you! Apply the tape the same way as you normally would.
  3. Use cuticle nippers to cut it. I prefer cuticle nippers because they are small and you’re able to get a more precise cut.
  4. Pre-cut the tape. Theres nothing worse than having wet nails trying to mess around with it!
  5. Line it up on the nail, press down on the edge of your nail, and stretch it across. It doesn’t really stretch but it’ll adhere to the nail better!
  6. Tweezers are your friend!
  7. Try two coats of top coat.
  8. If it does start lifting up on the edge, use your nippers to cut off the lifting and apply another layer of top coat.

For these nails I used Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab. I don’t believe they sell it anymore but it’s so gorgeous isn’t it?! The gold tape was from amazon.

Do you have any tips you think are helpful? Let me know in the comments!



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