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#TicTacPack Memorial Day Nails

Tic Tac Inspired Nails

This month Tic Tac released a new flavor - Summer Ice Pop! I was asked to do nails inspired by the mints, and this is what I came up with.

Inspired by the Rocket Pop, I wanted to paint little popsicles on my nails! They even taste like the popsicle too! :) The flavors are cherry, lime, and blue berry.

For the nails, I painted all of them with a white base. After letting it dry, I sponged on a gradient on a couple of my fingers, then hand painted little popsicles on my other two nails. Not only are they perfect for summer, but as its Memorial Day weekend it was fitting to do red white and blue nails!

Be sure to snatch up these Tic Tacs while you can as they're limited edition! Definitely feed my popsicle cravings without all the extra sugar :)

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    Love your work but please, please add an option to follow via email. I won't use Facebook because of the lack of privacy issues and I don't seem to know how to use a lot of the readers - I try and understand how that works and I am sure I am not alone in the over 50 crowd how has no clue on that stuff.

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