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Chrome nails are LITERALLY everywhere on social media right now. I had seen so much of them I thought I was completely over them, but after picking up this colored pigment from Skyline Beauty Supply last week I had a change of heart! To switch it up, I incorporated a couple colors with “negative space” for these gel nails.

My biggest tip if you’re trying these: chrome makes a mess! It somehow is all over my phone screen and won’t come off (does anyone have any tips?!) so do these over a towel and keep any valuables far away πŸ™‚

So what do you think of the chrome frenzy? Have you tried them yourself?



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  • Elise Ong August 03, 2016 12.33 pm

    Do you need to use gel nail polish to use the chrome pigment powder?

    • Chelsea King August 03, 2016 06.20 pm

      Yes! I’ve seen it done with regular nail polish but the top coat doesn’t apply well and can crack.

      • Elise Ong August 04, 2016 10.18 am

        What Base Coat and Top Coat would you recommend for gel nails?

        • Chelsea King September 28, 2016 09.48 am

          I mix and match and use tons of brands, lately I’ve been using CND base and top coat

  • Anhy August 05, 2016 12.26 pm

    aww I love these crome nails so much!!! I haven’t had any experience with gel yet so I’m still a bit hesitant to use it but I definitely love the look!
    Oh may I ask where you got that tape from? I am looking for those wider tapes actually. Thank you in advance <3

    • Chelsea King September 28, 2016 09.48 am

      I got the wider tape from Skyline Beauty Supply. Thank you! πŸ™‚


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