Nail’d It on Oxygen Inspired Tutorial

Hey guys! Have you been watching Nail’d It on Oxygen? I’ve been religiously watching it every week and today I have a super easy how-to inspired by this week’s challenge. The 3 artists are challenged to create a look inspired by the Stiletto Heel! Each artist gets a specific shoe design to get inspired by, and the nail look has to be painted on looooong stiletto nails.
While the stiletto looks amazing, it may not be the most practical and functional nail for everyone. I made this tutorial on how to get a faux stiletto look, using nude polish to create the illusion and some glitter to bling it up! Check out the video how to:

1: Apply your base coat and let it dry.
2: Use scotch tape, and apply on skin to remove some of the stickiness.
3: Apply tape to nails in a “V” shape to serve as a guide to get extra straight lines. Make sure you completely press the tape down so there’s no air bubbles, and crease the sides.
4: Using a nail polish color of your choice, paint 1 coat onto each nail.
5: One nail at a time, paint a second coat and then remove tape. You want to remove the tape before the polish dries so you can crisp lines!
6: If any of your lines got messed up, use a brush dipped in remove to straighten them out.
7: Use a nude polish and follow that straight line you just made on the sides of the free edge.
8: Need to bling it up? Use the “glitter placement technique” to apply some gold glitter following the line.
9: Top coat!
Tune into Nail’d It tonight to see what these amazing nail artists come up with! It airs only on Oxygen at 9/8C. Be sure to follow Oxygen on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as Nail’d It‘s own Facebook page! Hashtag your own nails with #showmethemani
Have you been watching Nail’d It? What has been your favorite so far?
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