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Valentino Resort 2015 Inspired

Valentino Resort 2015 Inspired

I was scrolling through instagram a few days ago and came across a few photos from Valentino's Resort 2015 collection. This particular nail design was inspired by a few handbags! I was in love with the colors and the pattern. I opted out of adding studs like the bags to really let the design show! :)

I used plenty of colors in this design but the color on the pointer (yellow) is Orly Spark and the pinky and thumb are CND Vinylux Cerulean Sea.

I think I might be keeping this design on for a while...might be one of my new favorites! But I think I need the purse to match...right?! :)


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  1. Wawooo wonderfull nail's design! A lot of work to do this decoration. I really like it. Congratulations
  2. These are fantastic!
  3. Stunning !
  4. This is one of the most helpful posts I have read in a while, Marta! :) I often have trouble trying to pair polishes together and they look a little weird but this is SOOO helpful! ♥

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