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Today I thought I would share something a little different…Zoya Naked Manicure. The options are endless for using it, and it can be personalized for anyone depending on their skin tone. Lately I’ve been using it a lot on set as a base underneath nude colors. Sometimes a sheer nude color is necessary, but due to discoloration on the nail it may not always look great…until now! I first experienced this product when I lead the BCBG fashion show last month and we chose to use a nude perfecter underneath a polish.

My natural nails are slightly yellow (staining), the tips aren’t a perfect even color, and overall just meh looking. I wanted to break down the step by step so you could really see the change in my nails.


The first step is to use the Naked Base, which dries shiny. I gave myself a manicure beforehand. I did think this was a nice base coat in general, but I think any brand would work the same.


If I had to pick just one polish from this set to get, it would be the Lavender Perfector. On first glance you’re probably thinking “uhh…purple?” Based on color theory, purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel so layering purple over yellowing nails will cancel out some of the color. I used just one coat (you can still see a bit of yellowing) so I’d recommend 2 coats if your nails are more stained than mine. You really notice the difference towards the tips of my nails. This color is super sheer so don’t expect to have purple nails!


For the third coat I used the Buff Perfector. After using the lavender, you nails may look a little “cool” and I wanted to warm them up a bit to look better with my skin tone. By this step, imperfections on the nail are hidden and “blurry” due to layering a couple sheer colors. If you want some perfect natural nails, I’d say by this step you’re probably good! Unless…


The Tip Perfector is an off white color used to paint on the tips of your nails. Its kind of like a french manicure but way less noticeable. I could see this part being a struggle for a beginner nail artist as you have to freehand the tip and can’t go in an clean the line up. I’d recommend painting the tip with a nail art brush and filling it in, or waiting till the base is dry and using tape! If you’re feeling brave just swipe the color on with the brush in the bottle.

6This system gives you the option of using a glossy or satin (slightly matte) top coat to complete the look, I preferred the satin top coat as it looked more natural to me.

As simple as these nails look…they were tons of fun to experiment with. There are other perfecting shades in the collection but the ones I used were my favorite. As much fun as I have with nail art its refreshing to really get back down to the basics!

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  • Jules October 01, 2015 08.29 am

    Wow!! This is so amazing. I super like the effect of these products on nails. From dull and yellowish nails to a very natural and pretty one. This is something worth checking out!


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